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Kale and AleLoyal readers of this blog, I am pleased to announce I have moved to! The same blog (with a few tweaks and exciting things along the way) can be found at the new site.

I’m sad to say if you subscribe to this blog by email you will have to submit your email information again to Kale and Ale, but it is near the top on the right. Please “like” Kale and Ale on Facebook. Or add Kale and Ale to your RSS feed.

I did try to make this transition as easy as possible. I am excited and enjoy blogging and sharing, so I hope you continue reading. I think you for your support.

Friday links

Things are quieter over here. Have you noticed? I do apologize, but  big things are happening. I’m taking advantage of the last days before it gets crazy hot to run. I did my second 10k and am squeezing in a 5k and hopefully another 10k before the end of the Florida race season. And I have some exciting things in the works on the blog front. So stay tuned to this site and I will fill you in really soon. Until then, the blog posts will be a little lighter than normal. Sorry!

Friday links

mandarin orange animals

Happy Easter and Passover to all my friends and readers! Hope it’s filled with a lot of great food, drink and family.

It’s almost time for baseball! Can’t wait. I went to a few spring training games but am ready for the regular season. Here are some food notes, updates and changes related to your favorite team. Which, as they state, if you are a Marlins fan, is only 268 people.

I came across a pretty cool chart for beer and food pairings (didn’t post it here because it’s large and deep).

The race to grow and eat the world’s hottest chili. This is a hot story!

This is a great bit. A man tells Williamsburg hipsters that a Guy Fieri restaurant is moving into the neighborhood. It will be “factory farm to table” and, for some reason, they are horrified.

Friday links – Craft beer edition


It is no secret at all that I love craft beer. When I’m out with friends, it’s not uncommon for someone to bring up craft beer, be it an new beer someone had or heard about, someone asking if I want a taste of his or her beer, or someone trying a new beer. I use the Untappd app to keep track of my beers I try and keep notes on how they are. I reference the app when I go to restaurants or the store to seek out new brews (and, the hoppier the better, FYI). So with all the craft beer in the news this week (you have noticed that, too, right?!?) I decided this week’s links would be about craft beer.

Best College Eats, featuring Veishea cherry pies

It wouldn’t be March Madness if there weren’t brackets of every kind. Last year I mentioned beer bracketology, this year it is Best College Eats featuring the 32 best college food dishes.

Veishea cherry pies

Veishea cherry pies via GirlsEyeView

There are a lot of interesting looking dishes, including Iowa State’s own cherry pies served during Veishea! What is this Veishea, you ask? Well, if you really are asking, please stop reading. (Juuuuustttt kidding!)

Veishea is an annual celebration that showcases Iowa State to prospective students and the community. It also serves as an entertainment celebration for students and the community. It is one of the largest and longest-running student-led celebrations in the nation (if not the largest, as was the case when I was in college). Veishea is a word made up of the first letter of each of the colleges at the time of the celebration’s inception (Veterinary Medicine, Engineering, Industrial Science, Home Economics, Agriculture). To learn a little about the history of Veishea, here is something I wrote while covering the event in college: Veishea traditions span decades.

Ok, so back to the bracketology. First-round voting is through Thursday, and the cherry pie is up against some Kansas chicken wrap. The cherry pie is trailing, but barely, and we can’t have another Big 12 school beat us in the first round! So go here and vote, and if you find yourself in a college town, look at the bracket to see what else is worth a bite.

What dish takes you back to your college days?