Valerie takes Manhattan (and Queens)

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At the end of July, Bill and I stopped in New York City for a few days for sightseeing, food and family time before heading upstate, where he is from. I had been to the city only one other time, during the holidays, so I wanted to check it out while it was warm.

Because it was summer, I really wanted to do outdoorsy things the whole time. Since our time was short, I wasn’t going to be able to do everything I wanted. We love exploring new places and doing a variety of things, so I wrote a list of everything I wanted to do, noting the priority. Bill was very easygoing about it, and either wanted to do what I did, or let me do what I wanted!

We were lucky enough to stay with relatives in Manhattan (thank you very much, so kind!) and I planned sightseeing around central locations. I even knew the subway system and times places were open. Total planning nerd, I know, but I love to maximize time/efficiency, especially when on vacation!

Once we got settled in the city, we started by stretching our legs and walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, which I very much recommend for the architecture of the bridge and perspective of the city. We then walked around SoHo, Chinatown, Little Italy and lower Manhattan, grabbing a drink and slice of pizza. We were lucky enough to be in the city when our friends, who are in a band, were performing. We saw The Beams perform at Arlene’s Grocery on Stanton. They are a great band who write their own music, with Susan on lead vocals and Wayne backing her up. It was very exciting to see them perform.

The next day we went to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. We had to go through a lot of security, and the entire trip took a while, but it was well worth it. We even went all the way to the crown. The trip up was well worth the extra time and stairs though it was a tough haul up to the crown, all 354 steps. The view peeking out from the top of the crown made it worth it.

Next, we went to Central Park. At 843 acres, I had to figure out what I wanted to see most. We took the subway to the middle of the park, 81st Street West, and walked around. We were really hoping to get tickets to Shakespeare in the Park, as Al Pacino was in The Merchant of Venice, but we didn’t get tickets earlier in the online lottery. We walked past the standby line, but when it was hundreds of people deep, we just passed by and walked around the park, hanging out and seeing different parts of the park.

The next day we took the subway to Queens and got off at Citi Field. Meeting up with Bill’s brother and sister, we went to our first Mets game at Citi! The Mets had a great game, and the stadium looked great. Classic architecture in a nice and clean setting. It was umbrella giveaway day, and we only had to use it briefly. Following the game, we made our way (in rush hour traffic) to Rockaway Beach, where we had a relaxing rest of the day with family.

All in all, I really enjoyed my time in New York City, and am already planning a return trip in my mind, if anyone is up for it!

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2 thoughts on “Valerie takes Manhattan (and Queens)

  1. I’m jealous! We should hit up the city for some artsy goodness. I love MoMa, but want to check out some of the smaller museums. I haven’t been to NYC in the last five years or so, I am ready to go back!

    Looks like you got the gallery thing working (I had never used the feature myself). Looks good!

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