Things that make me LOL (1/20/11)

I’ve been sick a greater part of the last week, so if you notice a theme of alcohol in this week’s faves, I can only attribute it to my lack of drinking. I like what I like.

Skit of the week

I love The Lonely Island. (Warning: every time I get on that site I get sucked into a rabbit hole.) Who wouldn’t want to be on a boat with Andy, Kiv and T-Pain or have a lazy Sunday waking up late and devoting the rest of the day to cupcakes and a movie?

This clip has some essential elements that make a good combination: Drinking, Anderson Cooper and Pee-Wee Herman. And I can not get the background music out of my head.

Product of the week

Twelve ounces of something called Scottish whisky in a can made by a South American company is available in the Caribbean and South America. It is being marketed as 8 shots shared among friends. Because buying small glass and screw-top bottles that can be closed and are shaped like flasks is such a hassle, apparently.

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