Taking time for life’s awesome things

One of my favorite websites around is 1,000 Awesome Things. I love it because, as the name suggests, it blogs about awesome things. One awesome thing a day, to be exact.

We are talking about really simple pleasures, the kinds of things that are so simple and small, they are actually more awesome than big things and often overlooked. The list, which started in June 2008 and counts down backward, includes awesome things like popping bubble wrap, when the thing you were going to buy is already on sale and, one of my personal favorites, saying ‘See you next year!’ to everyone on new year’s eve and then laughing hysterically.

I love reading the new item each day because they are always clever and well-written. Many times when I see the post for the day, I’ve already thought it IS awesome when it happens. And I cheer up and think of the simple pleasures around me.

It’s inspiring to hear how the blog came about. After the blog’s creator, Neil Pasricha, had a few hard months and saw negative in the world news, he decided starting this blog would help move in a positive direction. Hearing what he went through and why he did this makes the things on the list that much more awesome and meaningful.

Neil gave a talk at TEDxToronto 2010, an offshoot of  TED, a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading that posts great talks by inspiring people. Neil’s talk is about what three things it takes to have an awesome life, each beginning with the letter A. This talk was posted to the site earlier this month, and is worth the 18 minutes.

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