Summer 2011 CSA: Week 2

What is one to do when getting an awesome batch of CSA goodies and going on vacation four days later? Figure out a quick way to freeze everything! (First world problems, I tell ya.)

Our second week we got a big bag of arugula, three butternut squash, zucchini and twelve(!) ears of corn. Two people leaving for a week in four days, that adds up to a lot of eating the same thing. So I thought about what to make that would allow me to preserve the food.

What we made

  • Zucchini: Bill came up with the idea of calzones, which worked great since I had ricotta to use. This is one of those recipes that we love making and always make extra to freeze.
  • Corn: I found a printout in my ‘burger recipes’ folder for Mark Bittman’s Midsummer Vegetable Burger. I used about half the corn and froze the patties. Bonus: It also calls for zucchini. We ate the rest on the cob before we left.
  • Arugula: We could only eat so many salads in the next few days, and already had greens on hand before picking up the CSA food. I was stumped and then it came to me: Make pesto and freeze it in ice cube trays (my new favorite way to freeze portions of food).
  • Butternut squash: Luckily this is a winter squash (meaning they grow in the summer and fall but are kept for winter) so it’s hearty and will last a while. However, the squash are building up at my house, as I’m running out of ways to use them. I’ve made orzo and squash, and want to try to make one into “fries” (if it’s possible?). I’m looking for something beyond soup or a pasta dish. Anyone have a good butternut squash recipe?

A shelf for squash? That's butternuts!

Sad news from our farm

I got an email today saying that the pests have been more of a problem this summer than in the past. The farmer tried new ways to farm and the weather has not cooperated this season. Because of that, they are stopping the program a month early. This is only the third summer my farm has offered a CSA since it’s hard to grow food in the South Florida summers.

I’m bummed to hear I won’t be getting produce, and I’m sad for the farmers and staff. I’m sure this was a difficult decision for them. They are refunding the difference, which surprised me. I’m not sure how much four weeks of a ten week program will hurt them. And this was part of the gamble when signing up for the CSA. The point is to buy a share and spread the risks and gains among members.

Hopefully they continue the program next year, and I will certainly miss all the great food I got last summer that I won’t be getting this summer. I already had plans for the beautiful melons like those I received last year.

Today we pick up our final summer share. Fall/winter/spring shares return in about six weeks.

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One thought on “Summer 2011 CSA: Week 2

  1. I have a Mediterranean lamb stew recipe with butternut squash, chickpeas and mint that’s really great and can be converted to vegetarian…will dig out and post!

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