Running update: Two 5ks down

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After getting the idea to attempt running four months ago, I completed my first two 5ks (one included obstacles). In a 20 hour span. I’m crazy. I’m sore and worn out. But I’m glad I did something I hadn’t thought about before August, and I’m proud I set a goal and stuck to it.

Last week in the days leading up to the active weekend, it hit me that I might need to pay attention to my diet. A pretty healthy eater overall, I am also not one to turn down salty foods and coffee or beer. Since I have each of these almost daily, this was a big change. But if I was to get through the weekend, I know I had to limit these. And it made me focus on what was ahead of me, which made me very nervous. It was a long few days before the weekend. But I knew I could slooooowly make it through the weekend and prove myself strong mentally and physically.

Saturday: The Warrior Dash

The Warrior Dash is a 5k run with obstacles including ropes, inclines, mud and fire. At the end there is music and beer and food and a mass of muddy people. It is definitely something different and fun. In South Florida it was flat but there are some at ski resorts, and each Dash builds obstacles based on the land. I think a Dash at a ski resort would be awesome next year (hint, hint, friends up north?!?).

This event is what made running go from idea to reality. I wanted to run this, but knew I needed to have more endurance. I took up running in August to get moving. If you have read my running updates, there was some doubt I would improve, but I stuck with it (especially once the weather got cooler) and can run (a very slow pace) for three miles without stopping.

Sunday: The Palm Beaches Marathon 5k

I woke up on about 5 hours sleep with stiff upper legs and outer back, despite having stretched about eight times after the Warrior Dash. I had my friends and first real 5k waiting for me as part of the Palm Beaches Marathon Festival, so I got moving.

The marathon festival included a 5k, 10k, bike ride, half marathon and marathon. It runs along the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway on flat streets, so it was a pretty nice 5k. In the last hour my legs really started to tighten, but I ended around the time I was aiming for, especially considering the activity I put on my body the day before. I was happy I ran this (and survived the past 20 hours).

Next 5k: Race for the Cure

I think my next run will be the South Florida Race for the Cure (unless a small race pops up first!). From what I’ve heard this is a big deal in South Florida, so I’m looking forward to it at the end of January.

The run is in less than eight weeks, so if anyone wants to run, please sign up. And if you need to do a little training, now is the perfect time (and weather) to start the Couch-to-5k training program. If I can do this, anyone can.

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