Race for the Cure 2012 and training for 10k

2012 South Florida Komen Race for the Cure

Saturday I ran in the South Florida Komen Race for the Cure as a team member of my employer, The Palm Beach Post. This event was part of my motivation to begin running, as it is a big event for the community and my employer. A big group from work ran and walked, along with other friends running and supporters cheering us on.

Off and running!

Running partner Kim and I after the race.

An estimated 20,000 people ran and walked. And once we started running, it was apparent how big the event is. It is really cool seeing so many people participate and being a part of something so big that was started for a great cause.

I really want to thank everyone who supported me financially and through moral support for this race. It means a lot that people gave their own money to support me and breast cancer research and prevention.

After a month without regular training (between the holidays, being sick and having visitors), I ended with a time of 32:30.52, which is a pace of 10:29 a mile. I’m happy with that since I run about a 12- to 13-minute mile when I run on my own.


Right now, I’m planning to run a 10k in 2 months and a 15k this summer. I don’t know if I’m overdoing it or expecting too much. But six months ago I didn’t even give running a thought and now I crave a few-mile run every few days.

I figure the key is to push forward and carving more time to run. I’ve done some reading in building up longer runs, but if anyone has tips beyond “get out there” I would appreciate it.

My legs just get tired after running about 2.5 miles. And is going from 3 miles now to 6 miles in 2 months and 9 miles in 5 months unrealistic or pushing it too much? Any help, tips and ideas from longer-distance runners than myself are appreciated!

8 thoughts on “Race for the Cure 2012 and training for 10k

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  4. I’ve been trying to run slowly to cover longer distances (like running five 13-minute miles). Then I plan to start working on speed (running three 9-minute miles perhaps). Unfortunately, for me, speed is the hardest part! I’ve also tried to not look at the clock too much while running — but that’s psychological. I’m looking forward to our 10k, but I’m nervous!! I hope we can run the whole thing. I’ll get down there to practice with ya!

    • Sometimes I get “tired” after looking at my time, distance, but I need to push myself. I’m going to make a point to at least strive for an extra half-mile to begin. We can do it; I can’t wait!

  5. Your 5K time is great! And I’m far from any kind of running expert other than my own experience but 2 months to double your distance is very reasonable if you’re running consistently. Keep kicking ass!

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