Endurance crackers

I’ve been wanting to get into crackers for so long (Essentially just baked thin bread, what’s not to love?!) and when I saw something called “endurance crackers” full of seeds, I thought this was awesome.

My first thought was to dehydrate them (I love raw breads, crusts and crackers) but both times I’ve made them I have baked them because I want them quicker! I plan to try them in the dehydrator sometime, though.

I got this recipe from Oh She Glows, a vegan website I love. And Angela was inspired by this recipe from a restaurant she went to. That’s how I start many of my recipes! She also has a wheat thin-type cracker that she packed with spinach that is next on my “crackers to make” list. (I don’t really have such a list, but being a lover of lists, maybe there should be. Hmmmmmmmm.)

This came at the right time because I’m really starting to focus on what I eat to help sustain energy throughout the day, especially pre- and post-run. And these are a really easy cracker full of crunch and the right amount of saltiness that, pared with hummus or a creamy cheese offers a great, filling snack.

To get the recipe, visit Oh She Glows. The pictures are beautiful and will make you want to grab all your seeds and make these awesome treats.

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