Running and drinking

Now that I would consider myself a “runner” (if I don’t get out after a few days off, my legs aren’t happy with me) and I’ve gotten myself working out on a regular basis, I would say my biggest vices are salt (specifically popcorn and nachos) and coffee and beer. I jokingly tell myself I need to drink as much water as I do just to clear all the caffeine, alcohol and salt out of my system. Not that I’m going to give these things up. I have to live a little.

I was excited to see Dunkin’ Donuts giving out coffee with it’s carby treats following my Race for the Cure run. And my next planned run is sponsored by and ends at a brewery, so a beer will be in order. Registration for the Warrior Dash includes a beer. Running and caffeine or beer seem logical.

I’ve seen a few pleasantly surprising articles regarding running and hydration, each saying the praises of caffeine or beer after a good run. I’ve also heard that both beer and coffee aren’t very dehydrating and are good since they both contain a lot of water.


Caffeine can be used for different reasons before, during and after a run. The article says it boosts leg and brain power. And there is a recipe for a recovery smoothie that uses coffee that I plan to make this week!


There are many articles out there saying beer is good (in moderation) before a run for the carbs or after a run for recovery and helping to prevent respiratory infections. I don’t need the details, just hand me a beer after a run, tell me it’s good for me and I’ll drink it. However, since I’m not as spry as I once was, I’ve learned to lay off the stuff for a few days before my race. But to each his or her own.

What is your post-run food or drink of choice?

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