Friday links

I haven’t blogged since last Friday Links, and I’m bummed, but I was out of town. I will share some highlights of my trip in my next blog post! Since I’ve been gone I haven’t read as much as usual. However it gave me time to start reading Thrive, a book about vegan health and how food relates to performance in sports and life. What have you been reading this week?

I still did come across some interesting things to share:

  • One of my Top 3 popular blog posts is my Meatball Shop vegetarian meatballs recipe. I love The Meatball Shop and this recipe and I love that so many people find my site by searching for this recipe. If you found my blog via that recipe and are reading this, Hiiii!! So when I saw video about the Meatball Shop guys on Jay Leno, I was excited. It gets a little out of hand when Jack Black enters the picture.
  • If, like me, you love breakfast but hate mornings, overnight breakfast prep might be for you. There are recipes that can easily start the night before and be finished in the morning, making a great breakfast without all the A.M. prep. NPR’s Overnight Breakfast 
  • Learn what spring vegetables are popular right now and how to prepare them. This is a good list if you are walking around a farmer’s market and want to try something new and fresh. How to cook spring vegetables
  • As a new runner, I found Getting to the Root of Runners High interesting. One line was especially interesting: “Liking to run, it seems, may have helped to make humans what they are.” And the comments were actually good to read, telling about people’s specific reasons and feelings. Like many comments, I actually enjoy my runs more when I put less pressure on myself and remember I’m doing it because how I feel at the end as opposed to viewing it as exercise or something I have to do.
  • And, although I’m not a fan of the word foodie, this is a fun read with some good tips (6. Befriend a Farmer) and a few that might make you chuckle (13. Take Your Leftovers to Work in a Mason Jar). Pretend you are a foodie
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