Friday links

In my kitchen, I’m all about prepping food to make it easier to use quickly. When I get a big box of food from my CSA, I wash and prep it right away. That way it is ready to use and gets used before going bad.

So when I find links that address food prep, I’m loving them. I’ve seen a few this week I want to pass along.

Five useful skills to learn, which lists the skill and how to apply it.

20 tips and techniques for fruit and vegetable prep.

One of my favorites, how to dry fruits and vegetables. I love dried produce so much that I have a food dehydrator, but it can be done in the oven. Drying food gives it a more concentrated flavor. Foods can be snacked on dehydrated, preserved if you have too much, used in soups, salads, sandwiches or whatever else you come up with.

And if you still have leftover food you want to save before it goes bad, find out what food is freezable. I will often make extra of something to freeze and use later. Homemade, already prepared and no work. (Though I tend to stay away from freezing dairy, and sometimes freezing things changes the taste, texture or appearance.)

A nice list of what produce to keep in the fridge vs. on  the counter. (I was storing some of these in the wrong place!)

And if I have any food left that is starting to go bad, I have a few tricks on how to use it all before it’s too late!

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