Vegetarian at Marlins Park

One isn’t a bobblehead

I’ve been to the new Marlins Park twice so far and, once I’ve made the longer drive south and am in the park, it’s nice.

The first time the roof and windows were open so it was like an outdoor stadium with a nice view of the Miami skyline. The whole stadium was packed in every corner the whole game, so I walked around but couldn’t explore much. Before arriving to the park, I had lunch at Yardbird (so good, go!), so I didn’t eat at the stadium.

Bob the Shark won the Sea Race. Not sure if it was rigged; it is “Shark Week,” after all.

The second time it was a toasty day game, so the roof and windows were shut and the air was on. Since it was a midweek day game, there weren’t many people there, allowing me the time and space to walk around and check out things. I found different food options, walked through the team store, peered at the Bobblehead Museum, checked out the beer options and had a veggie burger.

House-made veggie burger

I was excited to try the veggie burger as it is a “house made” black bean burger. Big and loaded with toppings (before even approaching the toppings bar) it’s a great deal for $8, about the going rate for a veggie burger at a ballpark. It’s very filling, and it is house made, not from a frozen, pre-made patty. The burger is cooked just right, has beans and rice in it and comes with cheese, barbecue sauce, lettuce and tomato on a crisp bun. However, the toppings bar (a huge fave of mine to make vegetarian food more filling) was pretty lacking, with jalapenos, onions and relish.

If I can compare this veggie burger to my veggie burger at Citi Field last year, the burger at Marlins Park wins, but the toppings at Citi Field blow away the competition.

When looking online for the veggie burger locations in Marlins Park (it looks like any location that says “Burger 305″ has the veggie burger) I found this website with a list of the vegetarian options at each ballpark. I know I’ll use it in the future.

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